Trading Standards Approved Garage: Regal Motors, Poole

Trading Standards’ buy with confidence scheme

Family-run Regal Motors is proud to be approved by the Borough of Poole’s Trading Standards department.

Regal Motors is accredited under Trading Standards’ Buy With Confidence scheme that protects consumers by vetting garages.

How does a garage qualify as Trading Standards Approved?

To be an accredited member of the Buy With Confidence scheme, a business must undergo a series of background checks by Trading Standards.

These checks on the business and its owners/partners/directors include:

  • Civil Court Judgements
  • financial checks
  • criminal convictions
  • Consumer Credit Licence (where appropriate)
  • claimed membership of any trade associations or professional bodies
  • Trading Standards Services’ own enquiry databases.

In addition, a Buy With Confidence approved business must:

  • be committed to delivering good customer service. Regal Motors additionally commits to our Customer Charter.
  • have been operating for at least six months – Regal Motors has been in business for at least six decades.
  • be based in a local authority area which operates the scheme
  • not cold call customers
  • comply with consumer protection legislation
  • have the correct insurance coverage
  • abide by the terms and conditions of the scheme.

Trading Standards will then issue the approved business with a Buy With Confidence membership certificate plus window and van stickers to confirm its accredited status.

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