Car Welding

Car welding for MOT, one-year guarantee

Rust is much less prevalent in modern cars but can still cause some vehicles to fail their MOT if it occurs near a load-bearing area.

Sills, sill ends, the floor and wheel arches are the areas most likely to be affected by MOT-critical rust – especially at the rear of the car. We can also weld exhausts where practical.

Regal Motors is Trading Standards approved. All our welding work is guaranteed for a year.

Car welding is a demanding job which requires care and strict adherence to safety protocols:

We always carry out a risk assessment before welding and carefully prepare surfaces
We take particular care welding near the fuel tank, fuel line, paintwork and wiring looms
We always use a surge protector when welding to safeguard your car’s electronics.

Most of our welding is done by technician Ashley Hatchard using MIG welding equipment (Argon Shield Light gas).

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