Car Service, Poole

Oil and filter change

Expert car servicing for your car, using high quality engine oils and filters.

We go to great lengths to stock a wide range of oils. So we always have the right oil for your car.

We can fit original or high quality compatible oil filters, whichever you prefer.

Important note: your car’s warranty terms may stipulate that manufacturer-approved oils and original parts must be used.

How often should I service my car?

Your car’s service intervals are specified by the manufacturer.

In the past there were set intervals in a service book. Now they more likely to be determined by your car’s on-board computers. On some cars, a dashboard warning light alerts you when a service is due.

Some makes – such as BMW and Mini – have highly specific servicing requirements.

We can plug into your car to see what kind of service your car needs and when.

Is your car overdue for a service? Not sure? Phone us for advice: 01202 742307.

Your engine service: oil and filter change

Changing the engine oil and oil filter is one of the most important parts of a service. It protects your engine from wear.

More cars today need synthetic oil. Also, diesel engines with a particulate filter require specific types of oil.

We can tell you which grade of viscosity is best for your car.

What else does a service include?

Servicing your car can also include changing the air filter, the spark plugs, fuel filter and the pollen/cabin filter. How often depends on the manufacturer’s requirements.

Our technicians can also:

  • top up or replace other fluids (such as power steering, automatic transmission)
  • check that your car’s coolant has sufficient anti-freeze (winter service) and top it up
  • inflate your tyres to the correct pressure
  • check your car’s lights, windscreen wipers and washers, auxiliary belt (fanbelt). 

A brake service will include checking the level and quality of the brake fluid. Old brake fluid can absorb moisture – affecting the stopping power of your brakes.

Contact us (01202 742307) to book your car service.

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