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Modern car batteries are much more reliable now. They require little or no maintenance. But they still have a finite life span. It’s time to get a free check if:

  • your battery is starting to look old and in a poor state of repair
  • your engine cranks slowly (or your start motor just ‘clicks’) when you try to start your car
  • a ‘low battery’ or ‘check engine’ warning light appears on your dashboard
  • your battery is more than three years old.

It pays to be safe. Make sure you can trust your battery to start your car first time, every time – especially in winter!

Buy trusted brand replacement car batteries

We sell Exide, Duracell, Bosch and Yuasa batteries for a huge range of vehicles – and to suit all budgets.

Choose from three-year, four-year or five-year batteries. Fitting is fast and easy for most vehicles.

Does your car have ‘stop/start’ engine technology? If so, you’ll need a special AGM battery capable of coping with the extra demands this fuel-saving, emission-reducing feature puts on your engine.

An AGM battery is dearer to buy than the normal type. We may also need to use diagnostics equipment when fitting one.

Important safety tip – never replace an AGM battery with a normal battery! Your alternator could overcharge the normal battery and cause it to fail.

Book your free battery test

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