Clutch Replacement, Dual Mass Flywheels

Replacement clutches

Slipping clutch? Get a free no obligation check by one of our expert technicians (01202 742307).

We fit high quality replacement clutch discs, pressure plates and release systems made by original equipment manufacturers LuK, Sachs and Valeo.

We do not fit reconditioned clutches – only high quality brand new parts.

Dual mass flywheel replacement

A flywheel sits at the back of the engine to capture and store energy. There are two types: traditional single mass and modern dual mass (which reduces noise and vibration).

Dual mass flywheels feature springs to absorb vibration. On cars with higher mileages, these springs and also the bearings can wear out – causing noise and juddering.

If you need a new clutch, it makes sense to consider replacing your dual mass flywheel at the same time because both jobs involve removing the transmission and/or engine.

We fit excellent quality LuK and Sachs dual mass flywheels. They are guaranteed for two years.

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