Car Exhaust Fitters

Exhaust replacement

Don’t pay high prices for basic ‘own brand’ exhausts at High Street exhaust centres!

Our Bosal, Klarius, Euroflow and Regal (no relation) exhausts usually cost less than the national chains’ unbranded products – and they are designed to last.

We offer a wide choice of original and compatible silencers and pipes to ensure your car’s performance, fuel economy and MOT compliance.

Also, not every broken exhaust pipe needs replacing. Some can be welded – it all depends how badly they are worn and where the damage is.

Call our expert exhaust fitters for a quote: 01202 742307.

Catalytic converter replacement, Lambda Sensors, diesel particulate filters

An underperforming catalytic converter can affect your exhaust emissions: causing more poisonous gases to enter the atmosphere. Your car could also fail its next MOT.

Fortunately, compatible catalytic converters, lambda sensors (oxygen/O2 sensors) and diesel particulate filters (DPFs) offer excellent value for money.

We fit original and aftermarket catalytic converters, lambda sensors and DPFs including products by specialist manufacturers BM Catalysts, Bosal and Klarius.

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